Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this the same as an Inventory or Discovery tool?  

Discovery tools tell you what software they find installed on your workstations.   Engagent Software License Manager allows you to track the software licenses you purchase.

2. What operating systems does this product support?

Engagent Software License Manager will run on Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP, and Windows 2003.  Professional, Server, and Advanced Server versions of all operating systems are supported.  Note:  Engagent Software License Manager requires Microsoft's .NET framework, version 2.0.

3. I don't have the Microsoft .NET framework 2.0.  How do I get it?

The Microsoft web site has a page explaining in detail how to acquire and install .NET.  Click here to view that page.

Everything you need to install .NET (and to come up to Version 2.0) is also available on the Engagent web site.  In the gray navigation bar on the right side of this page, click Microsoft.NET under Resources.  

4. I don't have Microsoft Installer.  How do I get it?

In the gray navigation bar on the right side of this page, click MSI under Resources.  

5. I don't have Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) Version 2.7.

In the gray navigation bar on the right side of this page, click MSI under Resources.  

6  How many licenses do I need?

You need one License for every IT administrator who will access the Windows interface to Engagent Software License Manager. 

 You do not need additional licenses for employees or managers who use the Web interface to:
n      request software
n      approve requests
n      run license reports.

You do need an additional license for IT administrators who will install the Windows interface on their system to manage software license details:

n      update terms, negotiate prices, order software, generate purchase orders

n      receive software, input license details, define license terms

n      update maintenance contracts

n      assign software to workstations

n      remove software from workstations

Contact an Engagent sales professional to discuss your specific licensing needs.

7. How do I create custom reports? 

The fastest way to create custom license reports is using Crystal Reports. Engagent technical professionals are available to assist you, or to create reports tailored to meet your needs. 

 8. How do I use the new database filter features in Engagent Software License Manager (ESLM) 3.0?

  1. As you work with ESLM 3.0 you will encounter situations that require ad hoc filters to the database. You will find the filter functionality useful when you edit license in the Data Entry pane.

    For example, if you need to view the details of a software license received by a certain date:

    • Click Filter in the 'Edit License Information'
    • Select a title from the 'Software Title'
    • Specify a receiving date
    • Click 'Filter'
    • The detail of the software license is now displayed
  2. Another location you can use filtering process is in Reports pane. When you generate a new report you will be prompted to filter the contents of the report by date range and the desired information to be displayed

9. When I open ESLM, I get the message "Cannot access License Database." 

1.  Use Configure Database to make sure that you have correctly configured your database connection.

        -  The first screen asks you to specify an OLEDB provider. 
  If you are using the default ESLM database, the provider is Microsoft Jet 4.0 OLE DB Provider.  
  Most people who get this error message have specified the wrong OLEDB provider.

-         The second screen asks you to locate the database. 
      The default database location is c:\Program Files\Engagent\Engagent Software License Manager\Data\License.mdb

2.  If you are sure that the database is correctly configured, the most likely cause of this error message is a permissions problem.

  Make sure that the Data directory is not read-only.  (Right click the folder in Windows Explorer, select Properties, and ensure that the Read-Only attribute is not set.)
 Make sure that your account has full privileges over the directory where the License database is located.
 If your database is in Microsoft SQL Server, ask your Database Administrator to make sure that your account has the appropriate permissions ("Full Control") in the License database.

3.   If there is no permissions problem, ensure that your computer system has the correct version of Microsoft Data Access Controls (MDAC).

  Browse to the ESLM home page.  
  From the navigation bar on the right, under Resources, select MDAC.
  Download and install this version of MDAC.
  If you don't need this version (because you already have it), the installer will tell you so.
  If you do install MDAC, you will need to restart your system.

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