Engagent Software License Manager Features

Engagent Software License Manager allows IT managers to achieve unprecedented control over the software licenses in their domain.  It can be integrated with other enterprise systems to automate much of the process of license management. The chart below gives an overview of the features.  For more details call Engagent at (877) 820-7980.

   Central database for all software licenses
   Tracks requests, orders, and installations
   Management tools for the software lifecycle
   Maintenance agreement tracking
   Records serial numbers, auth codes, invoice numbers
   Archives digital images of license agreements, 
   invoices, certificates of authenticity
   Extensive array of built-in reports
   Data importer to bring in existing license information
   Web-based interfaces
         Via Intranet, employees can request software
         Managers can approve requests
         Decision-makers can access reports 
   Store data in enterprise database
         SQL Server, Oracle, any OLEDB provider
   Interfaces to inventory products *
        Altiris, SMS, etc.
        (* Ask for quote on inventory interfaces)
   Comprehensive license compliance reports
   reconciling Purchased vs. Deployed software
    Interfaces to other enterprise solutions *
        Purchasing, accounting, etc.
        (* May require integration; ask for quote.)

Engagent Software License Manager allows you to manage software licenses in a professional manner no more spreadsheets

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