License Compliance Reports

Knowledge is power.


Knowing in an instant whether you are in (or out) of compliance with your license agreements gives you the power to make smarter decisions.  Engagent Software License Manager™ provides the key to monitoring license compliance with its easy to use built-in reports.

Compliance Overview

The Compliance Overview report shows you every software title you own. With the flexibility to show you data in charts and numbers, it provides you with the following information:


            - How many licenses you have purchased
            - How many licenses you have deployed
            - How many licenses are now available for use

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Compliance Problems

Shows you only licenses for which you are out of compliance. Whenever this report does not come up blank, you know you have problems.

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Compliance Detail

When you want to know more detail about your license compliance, the Compliance Detail report gives you everything you want to know right down to the vendor's invoice numbers.

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By default, the compliance reports rely for their deployment information on what you have entered into Engagent Software License Manager (via the "Assign License" screens). You can also use these reports to reconcile your license information with what your inventory system finds on your domain. Contact an Engagent customer representative for more detail on integration with your inventory system.


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