Version 4.94

    1.  Repaired the maintenance field error in ESLM with SQL server.

        2.  Updated the Crystal Report dll’s to the latest version CR 13.0 which makes ESLM compatible with the following operating systems

a.       Windows XP

b.      Windows Server 2003

c.       Windows Vista

d.      Windows 7

e.      Windows Server 2008

f.        Windows Server 2008 R2

Version 4.9 

           1.  All dropdowns show 16 items or more.

       2.  Compliance Detail Report shows the version of the software it is reporting on.

       3.  Added Employee – Title to Import.

       4.  Created a new Invoice Template for more accurate IT billing. See a sample here.

       5.  Assign profile no longer creates extra entries.

       6.  Configure -> Field Names had an error when you attempted to change one of the field names.

       7.  The default ‘Empty’ database distributed is no longer missing several fields.

       8.  Clear button on Configure -> Profiles wasn’t working.

       9.  All reports are labeled ‘Assigned’ instead of ‘Deployed’ so as not to confuse compliance reporting.

      10.  Calendar function on all reports working.

      11.  No longer when creating a new maintenance record and using the default Provider you would get an error.

      12.  Added Version number to the Inventory Import process.

      13.  Compliance Detail report shows correct totals.

      14.  Allowed changing of the last name of an employee without the need to delete/recreat the record.

Version 4.8 

1.       1.  Added Contact information (Name, Address, Phone, Website, etc.) for Vendors, Maintenance Providers and Manufacturers.

2.    2.  Enhanced several reports to say ‘Assigned’ instead of ‘Deployed’ as deployed specifically refers to imported inventory values. (Compliance Detail, Compliance Overview, Not Deployed, Title Deployment).

3.    3.  Repaired ‘Maintenance’ report – allows for multiple maintenance contracts.

4.    4.  Repaired ‘by Provider’ report - allows for multiple maintenance contracts.

5.    5.  Repaired issue where Remove License wasn't retrieving the proper records when you did a search by workstation.

6.    6.  Fixed an error in Change Assignment when selecting a workstation was causing a null exception error.

7.    7.  Changed so that the PO2 field name could be modified to be any name similar to Workstation, Department, etc.


Version 4.7

How to Install New Release

If you are a first time user of ESLM you need to download the full product from our Download page.

If you are upgrading then what you do depends on which version you are upgrading from.  If you are upgrading from 4.6 all you need to do is click on the link to get the ESLMUPGRADE.ZIP and follow the instructions in README.TXT file within.  The README.TXT will describe what to do with the various files within.

If you are upgrading from 4.5 or earlier then you will need to reinstall ESLM after making sure you have saved your databases.

Significant Changes

Increased size of the dropdowns to show more items.

Enhanced Compliance Detail report to show the versions.

Enhanced Savings, Maintenance Expiring and License Expiring reports to allow selection by Software Title.

Other Changes

Fixed problem where a number of fields were not showing when you went to assign a license after you created a new license.

Fixed problem where it wasn’t saving your changes when you went from creating a new license to maintenance or serial numbers etc.

Fixed issue with Assign License where the Version number needed to appear in the dropdown to allow selection of the correct title.

Added Employee – Title to Import.

Fixed issue where if you renamed ‘Department’ to something else it wasn’t showing properly on all forms.

Fixed an issue with Edit Employee where leaving the 'Last Name' field caused the record to default to the first person with that last name.  Only applicable to employees with identical last names.

Fixed issue where Assigned Department report wasn’t displaying all the proper records.

Fixed Hardware by Item report.

Fixed an unhandled exception in the Maintenance form.

Fixed the Empty License database that is released with ESLM (it was missing fields in the Notification Table).

Fixed Software Title Deployment report – it wasn’t showing proper totals.

Fixed Notification – it wasn’t showing the email message properly.

Fixed unhandled exceptions in Assign Profiles and Assign Licenses.

Fixed a few problems in the installer that was causing it to attempt to reinstall randomly.

Issue where Software title dropdown wasn’t being refreshed when you created a new title from the New License form.

Fixed the Inventory Import program – it was giving an error when creating new AltInstTab records.

Fixed issue where the remove licenses screen was always retrieving the same person if you selected a person with the same last name.

Allow the results of the report to be maximized.

Version 4.6 

1.       Fixed Software Title Deployment report to show correct totals.

2.       Fixed dbnull error in Assign Profile.

3.       Fixed various dropdown fields to be modifiable (some had lost the ability to be modified when they were changed to allow color).

4.       Fixed comments field from getting an error when more than 50 characters were entered.

5.       Fixed an intermittent issue where a ‘length’ error was occurring when tabbing from one field to another on any form.

6.       Sorted change license fields.

7.       Fixed an unhandled exception in the Change Assignment form.

8.       Fixed an unhandled exception in the Assignment form.

9.       Enhancement – Added PO# and Vendor for Notification purposes.

10.   Enhancement – Added the version number in the Filter screen to make it easier to specify which software you wish to find.

11.   Fixed an issue where all software titles weren’t showing in the All Software Titles report.

12.   Enhancement – Ordered all the dropdown boxes alphabetically.

13.   Fixed a problem where the correct vendor wasn’t storing on the maintenance screen.

14.   Fixed an issue where it wasn’t allowing a license to be deleted despite nothing being currently assigned.

15.   Fixed an unhandled exception error in Assign Profile.

16.   Enhancement – Allow inventory import to import from a spreadsheet.

17.   Fixed Assignee and All Assignee reports to show the proper data.

Installation notes:

To upgrade to the latest version of ESLM you need to follow these steps:

1.  The first thing you probably want to do is get a new license key from Engagent.  Email
2.  If you are using an access database you need to move the database to a safe location.
3.  Go to the control panel and add/remove programs.  Uninstall the current version of ESLM.
4.  After a successful uninstall you need to run the newest msi that you have downloaded from our web site.
5.  Once the newest version of ESLM is installed you will need to register your new license key.
6.  Once you have registered your new version of ESLM you can re-attach your database (see user guide for information on how to do this).
7.  If you are using a sql database you will need to download the latest SQL Kit and copy the latest set of reports into your report directory.
8.  At this point you should be up and running ESLM version 4.6.


Version 4.5
Released April 17, 2007
Current Build 4016

New Features in Version 4.5 

Comparative Pricing to Document Savings

A field has been added to the database to let license administrators track the list price of software they purchase ― so they can better demonstrate to their management how much money they are saving!

Savings Report

A new report has been added that graphically demonstrates the savings from software license administration. 

New User Interface

The ESLM user interface has been revised throughout to a contemporary look and feel that employs Windows themes to allow users to adjust colors.

Enhanced Load Directive

In addition to the listing of authorized software (formatted to customizable specifications) available from Authorize of the software authorized for any workstation.


The import utility has been significantly enhanced.  Many database fields that could not previously be imported now can be.  Several issues that could cause import difficulties have now been resolved. 

Approve Request Form

Many users have requested that when all requests have been approved or denied, the form automatically close.  It now does so.

More Database Fields Exposed in Edit License Screen

Users can now set a secondary purchase order number ("PO2") and part number on the Edit License form.


Issues Resolved in Version 4.5


Reports have been improved, and several issues with report database paths have been resolved. 

Delete License

Version 4.0 sometimes erroneously claimed that a license was in use and would not allow the license to be deleted.  This has been resolved.

Button Configuration

Version 4.0 added the new feature of allowing users to select which buttons should appear on the License Flow and Data Entry tabs, but users' choices were not always correctly reflected on the screen.  Now they are.

Reseller Version

Several small data entry problems have been resolved in the Reseller version.

Upgrading to Version 4.5 from 4.0

1.   Download the ESLM 4.5 upgrade.

2.   If you have customized your reports or your reports menu, save a copy of your Reports directory before upgrading.

3.   Extract the contents of into your ESLM directory (by default, c:\Program Files\Engagent\Engagent Software License Manager).  This will update:  ESLM.exe, the Reports directory, and the LoadDirective directory. 

Upgrading to Version 4.
5 from Releases Prior to 4.0

1.   Save your databases.  If you are using local databases in c:\program files\engagent\engagent software license manager\data, save the whole data directory in a safe place outside the Program Files directory.

2.   Remove Engagent Software License Manager using the Add or Remove Programs applet in the Control Panel.

3.   Download ESLM.msi and install.

4a.  If you are using local databases in the Data directory, copy the saved databases over the ones created by the installer.

4b.  If you are using databases elsewhere, use "Configure Databases" to attach to them.

5.    When you run Engagent Software License Manager, you will be prompted to update your databases to Version 3.0. Choose "Upgrade Databases" to do so. 


Version 4.0

Released September 10, 2006
New Features in Version 4.0 

Real-Time License pool

Users can now see how many licenses are available before they attempt to assign one.  

Multiple Maintenance Records

Previous versions of ESLM only handled one maintenance record per license.  Version 4.0 allows multiple maintenance records per license.  Among other uses, this allows users to preserve information about previous maintenance contracts when adding information about renewals. 

Hardware Management

ESLM will now manage hardware as well as software.


Graphs have been added to many reports, along with the option to suppress the graph.  Many reports have been added, including: 

•   Reports to show all of a category (for example, all Software titles) rather than selecting individual items from a parameter selection box;

•   An entire suite of new hardware reports;

•   More detailed reconciliation reports, including exception reports that answer the question:  "What workstations are running software I didn't assign to them?" 

Associating Employees and Departments

In previous versions of ESLM, even though an employee was associated with a department, when software was assigned to an employee, it was not automatically assigned to the department as well.  Now it can be. 

Request Assignment, Approve Assignment

Screens have been added to allow users to request the assignment of a license, and for their managers to approve the request. 

Load Directive

License Administrators can now print a listing (formatted to their customizable specifications) of the software authorized for any workstation. 

New User Interface

The main screen has been extensively revised, with the former panes now assigned to tabs, allowing more functions to be accommodated while fewer are displayed at any one time. 

More Configurability

Many more aspects of ESLM's appearance and functionality can now be configured from the configuration menu.   Users can now select which buttons they want to see on the License Flow tab, and which reports on the Reports tab. 


The Import utility has been extensively revised to allow importing more information about license assignments.

New Platforms

ESLM is now a Micrsoft.NET 2.0 application, created with Visual Studio 2005.  Reports are written and maintained in Business Objects Crystal Reports XI R2. 

Preconfigured Demo

The installation process now creates a pre-configured demo database so that evaluators can see sample data and run sample reports immediately.  To return to an empty database, a "Restore Defaults" button has been added to "Configure Databases."     

Version 3.1

Released January 4, 2006
New Features in Version 3.1 

License Assignment

Formerly all assignment screens were organized around the assignment of software to a specific workstation.  Now software can be assigned, assignments changed, or the software removed, based on user, workstation, department, budget code, location, etc.   

License Assignment Available from Edit License Screen

A button has been added to Edit License screen which allows the user to assign that license directly.   

Extended Comments Filter

The Extended Comments field has been added to list of fields available for filters in the Edit License screen. 

Report Item Limit Configuration

A configuration item has been added to increase the number of items that can be displayed in a Crystal Report selection box. 

Improved Reports

Many reports have been improved to make valuation information more relevant to the selected records. 

Issues Resolved in 3.1 

Deleting Licenses

The Edit License screen now searches for associated records in the Agreements database when deleting a license record, and asks the user whether the Agreements records should be deleted as well. 

Field Renaming

Renamable fields have been renamed in the Add Workstation, Edit Workstation, Add Department, and Edit Department screens. 

Currency Formatting

Formatting has been improved on currency fields. 

Version 3.0

Released October 17, 2005
New Features in Version 3.0 

Extended Comments

User can now add up to one gigabyte of comments for each license, and search for any text string within the comments field. 

Searchable Fields

Most fields on the Edit License screen are now searchable, allowing users to select a subset of licenses for editing.

 Generate Purchase Orders

ESLM will now generate Purchase Orders.  Purchase Orders can be printed or emailed. 

Multiple Serial Numbers

ESLM now allows keeping an unlimited number of serial numbers and authorization codes for each license.  Serial numbers and authorization codes are kept in a separate table.

Bulk Assign – With Profiles

An administrator can now assign several titles, grouped into a "Profile," with one assignment operation.

Bulk Remove Assignment

An administrator can now remove all the licenses from a workstation, employee, budget code, department, or location, with a single operation.

Bulk Transfer

An administrator can now transfer all the licenses from one workstation, employee, budget code, department, or location to another, with a single operation.

Assign License

Warns if license already overdeployed.


Field names alphabetized in drop-down list.

Now allows importing installed count. 

Configure Database

Configure Database now displays the currently configured database before prompting for change. 

More Configurable Fields

Additional configurable fields have been added to the database and to key screens such as Edit License.  Configurable field names have been moved from the configuration file to the database, so that all users see the same names. 


Graphs have been added and all reports updated to Crystal Reports version 11.  A new Compliance Reconciliation Report has been added.

Issues Resolved in 3.0

Import formerly imported some maintenance records incorrectly; maintenance records now import correctly.

Inactive licenses formerly appeared in some reports where they should not appear; now all reports check for active license status.

Several issues regarding null fields encountered in Microsoft SQL Server databases have been resolved.  Deleting the last license record in a SQL Server database now works correctly.

Import now allows a broader range of import file names (including hyphens, etc.)

Import now correctly handles records with null departments.

Alternate Instance Table creation now proceeds to currently configured database.

Edit License now correctly handles null Department description.

Error handling has been improved throughout to handle previously unhandled exceptions. 

Upgrading to Version 3.0

1.   Save your databases.  If you are using local databases in c:\program files\engagent\engagent software license manager\data, save the whole data directory in a safe place outside the Program Files directory.

2.   Remove Engagent Software License Manager using the Add or Remove Programs applet in the Control Panel.

3.   Install Version 3.0.

4a.  If you are using local databases in the Data directory, copy the saved databases over the ones created by the installer.

4b.  If you are using databases elsewhere, use "Configure Databases" to attach to them.

5.    When you run Engagent Software License Manager, you will be prompted to update your databases to Version 3.0. Choose "Upgrade Databases" to do so.

Version 2.4

Released February 4, 2005
New Features in Version 2.4


ESLM users now can get email notifications of license flow events:

License Expirations (with configurable advance notice).

Maintenance Expirations (with configurable advance notice).

Requestors can get notification when their requests are approved, disapproved, ordered, and received.

Approvers can get notifications of new requests and subsequent dispositions.

Many configuration options allow you to specify recipients – for example:

·  For one department
·  For one budget code
·  For all events

 Configurable Fields

More fields can be renamed: 

    Budget Code, Comments, Custom Fields, Department, Invoice, Location, Purchase Order, Workstation.


All data entry screens have a delete button allowing records to be deleted.

 Inventory Interface

The Inventory interface has received a major revision with many enhancements.

In addition to license count, the following fields can now be imported from the inventory database:

·  Workstation
·  Version
·  Location
·  Install Date
·  Budget Code
·  Quantity

   An alternate table may be specified for information imported from the Inventory database.

   Major improvements have been made for SMS inventory users.

Archive Agreements

   Dramatically improved performance of access to the archive database.


   The Import utility runs four times faster than before.

 Issues Resolved  in Version 2.4

 Edit License Screen

     The “Restricted” and “Unrestricted” license buttons correctly reflect the information in the database, in all cases.

 Database Exceptions

     Database error handling has been markedly improved throughout.

 Main Menu Screen Sizing

     The License Flow Panel in the Main Menu is now sized better at varying screen sizes and resolutions.

Version 2.3

Released September 27, 2004

New Features in Version 2.3

Drop-Down Boxes            
            All drop-down boxes are now sorted alphabetically.
            Drop-down boxes auto-complete for quick searches.

            Import feature is now included in Professional Edition

            Every report has been updated.
            Reports consolidated:  duplication of “All” and “By” reports eliminated.
            All reports are now more attractive and information is easier to see.
            New reports:
                        By Custom Field 1 and Custom Field 2
                        By Location 1 and Location 2
                        By Assigned (as well as requesting) Dept. and Budget
                        Deployment Report to show where license has been installed.

License Management Screens
            Every screen has been updated.
            Fields have been widened to allow more characters on screen.
            All employee references now use both last and first name.
            License records may now be deleted.
            Ability to mark license as “Inactive.”

Configuration Menu
            New menu item, no longer under Tools

Issues Resolved in Version 2.3

Edit Employee and Edit Software Screens
            Subsidiary combo boxes were set wrong on entry for the first record.
Edit License Screen
            When invoked on empty database could cause an unhandled exception.
Instance Table
            The Department Field was set to Text; corrected to Number.

Additional Issues Resolved in Build 1110

            Import could fail on some path names, particularly those with spaces.
            Handling of Employee fields has been improved.
Change Assignment Screen
            Now disabled if no workstations have been defined.
Registration Screen
            Problem resolved with Extended Evaluation key.

Upgrading to Version 2.3

To upgrade to Version 2.3 from version 2.2:

1.      Save existing data by creating a copy of the Data directory in a safe place.

2.      Remove Version 2.2

3.      Install Version 2.3

4.      Copy saved data into the Data directory.

To upgrade to Version 2.3 from a version previous to 2.2:

1.      Save existing data by creating a copy of the Data directory in a safe place.

2.      Remove Version 2.2

3.      Install Version 2.3

4.      Run the database upgrade utility by choosing “Upgrade Database” from the Tools Menu.  Use the file open dialog box in the database upgrade utility to point to the place where you saved your databases.  The contents of your old databases will be imported into the new database format


Version 2.2

Released June 21, 2004

 New Features in Version 2.2

 New Reports
            OverDeployed –
Shows software assignments exceeding licensed count.
            Undeployed –
New version uses License Count to reflect license pool.
            By Provider, One Provider – Maintenance contract information.
            By Assignee, One Assignee –
Shows license assignment.
            Not Ordered
Shows software requested but not ordered.
            Compliance Overview –
At-a-glance view of compliance for all licenses.
            Compliance Details –
Closer examination of  compliance for one license.           

Configure Database – Allows quick connection to any OLEDB provider database. 

Tools Menu – Dynamic, configurable snap-in tools added. 

Invoice Number – All license screens now show Invoice number. 

Assign License Form, Update Installation Form – Now show Version, Service Pack, Location 2, and Quantity.   

Changes to Database in Version 2.2

Instance Table – Quantity field added.

License Table – Invoice field added.

Issues Resolved in Version 2.2

LicenseType – Was previously shown incorrectly in New License, Edit License, and Define License screens.

Import – Import facility now correctly handles a non-numeric BudgetCode in database; CustomField2 and CustomField3 now load correctly.

Assign License – Could previously generate concurrency error on first use.

Maintenance Information – In some previous versions, when maintenance information was assigned to a license record, it could be incorrectly added to other license records at the same time.  This issue is now resolved.

Backup and Restore – Functions have been deleted for improved security.

Version 2.1

Released March 17, 2004
 New Features in Version 2.1

New reports have been added.
         UnDeployed Software
         One Requestor / By Requestor
         One Assignee / By Assignee
         One Location / By Location

Some existing reports have been reformatted
         By Manufacturer / One Manufacturer
         By Vendor /      One Vendor

Non-numeric characters can now be used in fields previously restricted to numbers:
         Budget Code
         Department Code
         Employee ID
         Manufacturer Code
         Purchase Order
         Service Provider ID
         Software Code
         Workstation ID

License screens now show Upgrade links:
         What license this license upgrades
         What license upgrades this license

"New Title" button added to New License form

Issues Resolved in Version 2.1

Configure Custom Field
    Date formatting on various data entry screens
    Maintenance fields on Edit License screen

Version 2.0

Released January 22, 2004
 New Features in Version 2.0

Major improvements to reporting capability.      
            Users can now dynamically change or add new reports at run-time.
            Many new reports have been added.

All existing reports have been significantly improved.

All reports now allow specification of a period for the report.

User interface completely revised throughout for improved usability.

All functionality is now available from buttons and menus on the main screen
Editing existing data is now much easier. 
A (configurable) Getting-Started screen has been added to the main screen.

Digital images of license agreements can now be saved in a separate database.
The database can now be backed up and restored.
Custom fields have been added to the license flow screens.



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