Engagent Software License Manager Screen Shots

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Main Screen

Four main panels:  Data Entry for setting up information, License Flow to manage the daily flow of new software license management, Reports to pull information out of the database the way you want to see it, and Getting Started to guide you through the use of ESLM.

Request Software License

Allows employees or managers to submit requests for software. 

Approve License Request

Allows financial managers to approve the requests.

Define License

This screen gives you the best overview of all the kinds of administrative details Engagent Software License Manager allows you to record for each license

Assign License

Allows you to assign a license with a workstation and create an invoice.  Click here to see a sample invoice.

ESLM - Web Interface Screen Shots

Home Page

The home page contains four buttons, Request License, Approve License Request, View License Reports and Administration. Click the links to view screen shots.



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