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The Software License Management Lifecycle

Engagent Software License Manager allows you to manage the entire software license lifecycle.

The diagram below shows an abstraction of the software license management lifecycle:

(Click diagram to enlarge.)

 As the diagram illustrates, the main steps in software license management include:

  Requesting software
  Approving software requests
  Ordering software from a vendor
  Receiving software
  Recording the terms of the software license
  Installing software on workstations
  Upgrading the software
  Renewing maintenance agreements
  Renewing license agreements
  Removing the software from workstations

In actual practice, of course, these steps do not always come in the same order.  For example, the diagram shows an out-of-license-compliance period that any software manager would be careful to avoid!  The software may be upgraded not just once, but many times.  Similarly, maintenance agreements may not only be renewed but also changed even the maintenance provider may change over time. 

Engagent Software License Manager's flexibility and customizability allows you track your software throughout the software license lifecycle, to measure when you are in license compliance, to anticipate renewal fees, to assign costs to budget units, and to always know the status of every software license.   

Engagent Software License Manager allows you track software licenses throughout the entire software lifecycle.



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