Reports for Engagent File Audit

Engagent File Audit allows

  • Schedule reports to be automatically generated, and optionally have the URL emailed to you.
  • Ad hoc reports to quickly get answers based on data already collected.

The Ad hoc reports may be generated as one of the 5 following types as shown in the screenshot below

All Changes Report:

This can report on all the changes for the computer chosen and the date range specified. The result can be sort by the Change type, event time, Change Type, File and Process.

Custom Data Set:

You can create reports based on your custom data configured from the below screen.

File Changes:

This report allows you to enter the full or part of the file name that you want to be reported about. The report will list all the changes that were made to the files containing the entered string as its file name or part of its file name.

Type of Change:

This report lets you filter data you want to see in your report based on the type of change that you wish to see. For eg: To report on all the files that were deleted from the folder that we have watching can be displayed by choosing deleted for the type of change.

User Changes:

Reports can be generated based on the activities pertaining to a particular user. Thus we will get a report on all the modifications done by the user selected as a parameter for the reports.

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