Maximum performance

Lan Licenser uses a hierarchical, Client /Server based architecture. This unique approach has a number of distinct benefits:

-Dramatically improves performance by reducing network traffic.
-Maximizes database speed in processing License queries leading to ultra-quick response times for users.
-Ensures there is no limit to the number ofworkstation clients allowed on the system.
Off-line metering

Lan Licenser has been designed for the licensing of laptop/portable PCs and introduces the concept of checking licenses in and out of the licensing region. Thanks to off-line metering, usage can be monitored when users are not connected to the network. The central database is automatically updated with this information when the computer is next connected to the network.  
Totally scalable to fit any sized network

There is no limit to the number of licensing servers that can be deployed, nor the physical location of LANs that can be linked.  
Detects all unauthorized applications

Automatically detects all unauthorized applications even when run from a floppy drive, (by giving these applications a license count of zero they can be prevented from ever running again)
Powerful application access control

The network administrator can restrict access to any application based on any combination of user name, workstation name, group membership or time of day. For example, designate certain workstations as Web stations, and restrict games from being played during working hours.  
Monitors ALL applications

Lan Licenser tracks all applications running anywhere on the network whether on the server or workstation, even programs that are being run from floppies.

Detects the following file types: EXE, COM, DLL, BIN, MOD, TSK, OCX. Lan Licenser also detects applications that have been renamed.
Unique HTML Browser/Help Interface

Uses HTML based Administrator User Interface throughout for speed and ease of use. HTML administration allows for context-sensitive active HTML help and dynamic menu-hopping straight to the desired task or function without having to navigate through several layers of menu options.
Inactivity monitoring

Lan Licenser can monitor applications for inactivity and can warn a user if they have not been using an application for a definable time. Products not in use can be closed down automatically and safely, releasing more licenses to the license pool.
Auto configuration for Microsoft Select

Lan Licenser introduces an entirely new concept of License Profiles. By setting properties within a license profile, products can be automatically configured to comply with the terms of Microsoft SELECT or other manufacturers Volume Licensing Agreements.
Auto Replication of license data across all license servers

Any site server can be used to introduce details of new (or amended) licenses for an application. Lan Licenser then ensures that this information is automatically replicated around the network to all the license servers.
Auto Trend analysis

Lan Licenser uses automatic trend analysis to balance licenses across license servers and thus ensures maximum cost savings. Detailed trend analysis also enables accurate license requirement forecasting.
Uses Active Control or Passive Monitoring

Lan Licenser allows the network administrator to select by application whether to physically control the number of application licenses or merely monitor and report their usage.
Automatic call-back for denied users

If a user is denied access to an application, they can be automatically notified when a license becomes available on a definable, prioritized basis.
Suite application licensing

Where users have suite licenses (e.g. Microsoft Office) and also licenses for individual applications within that suite (e.g. Microsoft Word), licenses are automatically optimized to give maximum usage for least cost.
Software version control

The administrator can define whether different versions of the same application are recognized as separate products or as one (this extends to both 16 and 32 bit versions of the same application).
Enterprise wide capability: Auto load balancing

Lan Licenser can intelligently share licenses between License servers so that application licenses are available where needed, thus ensuring maximum cost savings.
Extensive reports and graphing

On-line viewing of information enables instant real-time access to the database information, and administrators have many standard reports and graphing options available. For even more in depth analysis, data can be exported in many different formats including Microsoft Excel, dBase, Microsoft Word, Lotus 123, RTF or direct to e-mail systems.
Powerful integration with Microsoft SQL Server

Lan Licenser integrates automatically with Microsoft SQL Server providing speed, security, robustness and integration of information with other applications (e.g. Microsoft SMS). Alternatively, Lan Licenser is supplied with a built in industry standard database.
Hierarchical data collation

Data from different Licensing servers is automatically collated in detail or in summary form to a central server on a hierarchical basis. Thus an overall picture can be built of license usage throughout an Enterprise, highlighting needs for training, license purchase or proving license compliance.
Automated administration

Lan Licenser centralized administration automatically replicates new or changed license information to all License servers across the Enterprise. This removes the need to manually administer multiple License servers.  

Lan Licenser Enterprise Manager Option

A separately licensed Enterprise Manager option is available within Lan Licenser. This is designed to provide the Lan Licenser Enterprise Management features specifically tailored for very large networks typically operating over several sites or countries. Enterprise Manager makes License balancing available even across international time zones (dependent on the rules of your software licensing agreements) to effectively deploy software licenses on a global basis. The data collation process can also be scheduled to take advantage of off peak charges or periods of low network traffic.  Lan Licenser Enterprise Manager dramatically reduces the administration cost of software metering for the largest Enterprise.

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Download lan licenser

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