If You Sell Software,
Do You Have Software 
To Track the Licenses You Sell?

The old adage says that "shoemakers' children have no shoes."  All too often, people who make their living selling software lack the software they need for their own use.  High on the list of resellers' needs is the ability to keep track of the software licenses they sell by product, by customer, by vendor, by renewal date, etc.  Tell the truth:  can you run one report that shows you which customers have which versions?  Which customers got which authorization codes?  Which customers' licenses will expire in the next quarter?  

Software resellers today, though they frequently express how much they would like to have all the information about software licenses they sell centralized in a single database, where it could be used to generate coherent reports, usually say they keep track of these things in several different places, using a variety of spreadsheets and often resorting to loose pieces of paper. This is not just because software resellers (like shoemakers) are busy people.  Until Engagent's Reseller License Manager, there was no software product available on the market specifically designed to meet the inventory management needs of those whose inventory is comprised of intangible items such as serial numbers and authorization codes.

      Quick answers to your software license questions   

    How many copies of that version are out in the field?  
    Who has them?
    Are unit sales increasing or decreasing on the workstation versus the server version?
    The customer just reformatted their hard drive; they need to know right now what their serial number was.
    Whose maintenance agreements are expiring in the next month?

      The equivalent of FedEx tracking for your software licenses     

For any license, see at a glance:
     When it was ordered from the vendor.
    When it was received from the vendor.
    When it was integrated into a package with other software.
    What package it is in.
    What other software is in the same package.
    When it was ordered by a customer.
    When it was shipped to the customer.
    The current status.    
How many are in inventory

      One central database for all software licenses

               Record all software license details, terms, restrictions, and expiration dates.
               Save and track each software license key, serial number, and authorization code.
               Keep digital images of software license agreements in your database.
               Record all the information necessary for a complete software audit.
               Click the image below for a list of software license details in the database.

software license tracking audit management data

      A powerful collection of reports 

            - Provides a complete. unified overview of all details of your software licenses.
            - Report on software licenses:
                - By vendor
                - By department
                - By employee
                - By customer
            - Report on software licenses about to expire.
            - Report on software maintenance contracts up for renewal.

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