Engagent Remote Administration is the fastest remote control system on the market. Engagent Remote Administration outperforms every other remote control system, including PC Anywhere, Timbuktu, LapLink,  etc.



  • Operating systems support: Windows 95, 98, ME, Windows NT 4.0,  Windows 2000
  • Engagent Remote Administration server can work as a service under all supported operating systems, which allows you to logon and logoff a user remotely.
  • Supports multiple connections on both server and client sides.
  • Supports the controlling of multiple remote computers and the viewing of multiple sessions on one screen.
  • View modes include Full-Screen, Scaled and Windowed. Full-Screen mode lets you see the remote screen on the entire screen of your display.
    Scaled mode lets you see the scaled remote screen in a window with a user defined size.
  • Engagent Remote Administration uses a video hook kernel mode driver under Windows NT 4.0 to improve performance. This lets you work on a remote computer with an incredible 'real-time' update speed (hundreds of screen updates per second). The Win2000/XP compatible version of the driver will be included in the coming version of Engagent Remote Administration.
  • Transfers files to or from a remote computer. With Engagent Remote Administration you can easily drag and drop files via Explorer-like interface.
  • Lets you remotely shutdown a computer without having to connect in remote screen mode.
  • Engagent Remote Administration server provides Telnet access to remote computers when its server runs on Windows NT.
  • Has multilanguage support using one file per language so it is not necessary to download and re-install Engagent Remote Administration for each language.
  • Supports Windows NT security so you can give the right to remotely control, remotely view, telnet and/or transfer files to specific users or user groups. If the user is logged to a WinNT domain, Engagent Remote Administration Viewer uses his or her current username/password to authenticate.
  • Engagent Remote Administration uses a challenge-response password authentication method, based on 128 bit strong encryption—if Windows NT security support is switched off—to allow access to a remote computer.
  • 128 bit strong encryption is used to encrypt all data streams and and it's optimized with a performance loss of only 5%.
  • Uses an IP filter so access to Engagent Remote Administration server is restricted to specified IP addresses and subnets.
  • Engagent Remote Administration supports High Resolution modes of up to 2048 X 2048 X 32bit color.


Other Features


  • Clipboard transfers
  • Remote shutdown
  • 16 color (4 bits per pixel) network transfer mode
  • /stop command kills all running Engagent Remote Administration servers on the computer
  • Optional 'Incoming connection' dialog box on server side
  • Optional Tray icon on server side with computer IP address tip and current connection list. Tray icon changes its state when an active connection persists and a notification beeps when a user connects to the server.
  • Close connection dialog in viewer
  • Some useful registry settings for system administrators - disables some unnecessary server functions (telnet, file transfer, control, the possibility of changing server settings by a user, etc.)
  • Can send Ctrl-Alt-Del to a remote computer
  • Reduced network usage in minimized mode of the viewer's remote screen window.
  • Automatic disconnection of frozen remote screen connections

Engagent Remote Administration Security

A lot of attention was paid to security questions in the Engagent Remote Administration design. Here are some reasons Engagent Remote Administration operations are completely secure:

  • Engagent Remote Administration supports Windows NT/2000 user level security. You can give the right of remote control to a specific user or user group.

  • If Windows NT security support is switched off, access to a remote computer is controlled by password. Remote Administrator uses a challenge-response password authentication method similar to that used in Windows NT, but with more powerful security keys.

  • Remote Administrator works in encrypted mode where all data, screen images, mouse movement and keys are encrypted using 128 bit strong encryption with randomly generated keys.

  • Engagent Remote Administration server has a logging feature where all actions are written to the log file.

  • Engagent Remote Administration server has an IP filter table so access can be restricted to specified IP addresses and networks.

  • Engagent Remote Administration has a self-testing code defense that protects its code from being altered.

  • All algorithms used in Engagent Remote Administration are industry standard: TWOFISH, MD5.



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