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Radmin brings robust remote administration to Windows NT/2000

[Dec 5, 2000] In a command-line world such as UNIX, administrators can dial in and make changes, monitor systems, run backups, and so on. Conversely, administrators of Windows systems have traditionally relied on imperfect remote management solutions such as PCAnywhere or Windows' built-in Remote Access Services... However, a hot little program from Famatech, aptly named Remote Administrator, integrates seamlessly into Windows systems and offers major improvements in performance and functionality over other remote administration solutions. The first time I tried this I felt like I was in UNIX bliss, as I administered the remote Windows machine. Remote Administrator (Radmin) from Famatech combines the most sought-after software characteristics: It's small, speedy, and robust...
   One of my favorite Radmin features is that it can be integrated directly into the Windows NT/2000 security model. When you choose the Windows NT security option and click Permissions, Radmin allows you to grant access to specific NT/2000 users and/or groups... Radmin 2.0 can be installed on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0 with Service Pack 4 or higher, and Windows 2000. You must also have TCP/IP installed on the machine. The program itself is small and fast, so there are no minimum hardware requirements. The Radmin documentation even claims that it will run on Windows 95 using a 386 with 8MB of RAM...Complete article...

Radmin's tools simplify remote administration of Windows NT/2000

[Dec 7, 2000] Famatech's Remote Administrator (Radmin) is a small but full-featured remote management program. Don't assume that Radmin's diminutive size means it's not a full-featured program. In fact, it includes features that are lacking in much larger programs. Radmin's remote control feature mirrors similar traits in PCAnywhere, Virtual Network Computing, and other packages, with one notable improvement—speed.In a LAN environment, if you connect to another machine and go into full-screen mode, you'll find it easy to forget you aren't at your own workstation....
   The other major plus is Radmin's security features. The integration with Windows NT security, the IP filter options, and the fact that Radmin uses 128-bit encryption make it quite secure. The full-screen view is a nice feature, and I have been thrilled with the ability to log off a user and log back on as an administrator on remote machines.Complete article...

Tucows review

Remote Administrator is a fantastic Internet Tool application that enables you to work on a set remote computer from you own computer, and with as much speed and efficiency as possible. You will see a remote computer screen in the window of your computer, or on the whole screen of your computer. Your mouse and a keyboard are transferred to the remote computer. Now you can work with the remote computer, as if you are sitting in right front of it. 

Key Features: 

  • File Transfer, Full Control, View, System Shutdown and Telnet Services. 
  • It's password protected. 
  • It offers NT domain user level security support. 
  • It offers Multi-language Support. 
  • This is a great program overall. No more toiling with servers or direct cable links! 
  • This is a utility for PC-to-PC transfer and remote connections. It has a lot of options you will love, so throw the imitations away. This is a keeper.

ZDnet review (highest five star rating)

Controlling and viewing a remote PC just got easier and faster thanks to Remote Administrator. This program lets you connect to any Windows NT or Windows 9x computer that's running the administrator program, to view or remotely control the desktop at an incredible speed over a LAN. Compared with other such programs, Remote Administrator is amazingly small and fast. It works over both a dial-up connection and on a network, as long as TCP/IP protocol is setup. Over a busy LAN, the fast response from the remote PC almost creates the illusion that you're sitting in front of the server, even when using full window dragging. You can create shortcut icons for frequently used addresses and even use the built-in Telnet client to connect to the host. Remote Administrator can be run as a Windows NT or Windows 9x service so that it starts up automatically and invisibly. Conversely, it can be set up to be run manually. It deserves a look from anyone even considering remote control or anyone looking to provide these tools to a help desk.

Remote Administrator is pick of the day (27/08/99)


You've got a laptop computer. You've got a desktop computer. You're away from the computer at home when you suddenly realize you need a file stored on it. If you can't get the data from some spreadsheet your butt is going to be toast. So you jump back in your car, say a quick prayer, and roar off down the highway doing Mach 3 hoping you'll be able to get it and get back in time. That's one way to deal with that particular situation but let's back up a moment and take a look at a somewhat different option. So you realize you don't have that file on your laptop. Time to freak out right? Nope, not in the slightest because you're using Remote Administrator. Instead of killing yourself trying to go home and physically snatch up the file, Remote Administrator lets you run your home computer like you were actually there, even though you're currently sitting at the drive through window at Taco Bell. You can see the other computers screen and work with it as if you were physically there but you know have the advantage of doing it all by remote control. Open up that spreadsheet, copy the data and enjoy your Mexican pizza in peace. What could be better? (perhaps if they didn't water there soda down so damn much but that's another story). Remote Administrator serves a number of useful job roles. Beyond just the usual role of accessing a home/work PC while on the go, Remote Administrator is really helpful for dishing out technical support. Have you ever had someone close to you (parents, relatives, etc) buy a brand new computer then end up hassling you every five minutes with phone calls for help? It can be torture trying to explain how to do even the most basic tasks over the phone. You know exactly what needs to be done but getting the person on the other end of the phone line to do what you're saying can be an exercise in futility. Save yourself some headaches by installing Remote Administrator. If a problem crops up just hook into their computer through Remote Administrator and do it yourself. Makes life easier for everyone involved. The same principle applies to other areas as well like the network at the office, etc. Instead of walking down and working on each machine individually, the System Administrator can just stay at his/her desk and do it all by remote. Using Remote Administrator is simple because it's nothing more than a window with the other computer's desktop inside (you can also run it full screen on your computer if you prefer). Just go about your business like you normally would, there aren't really any major directions to learn to instructions to read. The hardest part of the whole thing is the installation and that is for the most part a no-brainer. Performance wise, Remote Administrator is darn good. The biggest factor determining how well Remote Administrator will work for you is the type of connection you're using. On a LAN or other high speed hook up everything is lightening fast and updates for the remote system are instant. It can be hard to tell which computer you're using, the one your sitting at or the remote one, because it's so fast. If you're dialing in with a modem on the other hand it still functions just fine but not quite as speedily as a network connection. With a modem you're average is about 5-10 screen updates a second. Not quite real time but more than adequate when you just need to do some quick work on a remote computer. Remote Administrator might not have the name recognition of say Symantec's pcANYWHERE, but if you're in the market for this type of software, give it a chance. Don't just be a sheep and run off to CompUSA to snag pcANYWHERE without trying some alternatives first. You won't be sorry

Radmin review from SharewareJunkies

Remote Administrator is a simple, yet powerful program, that allows a user to work on a remote computer from their own computer. The program works by displaying a window on your computer, which shows the remote computer's screen, as well as giving the user the ability to use your mouse and keyboard with the remote computer. 
If you ever had the need to use a remote computer from your own computer, than this program is for you.

WebAttack review of Remote Administrator (Editor's Pick Gold)

Remote Administrator is an easy to use and lightning fast remote computing tool that can be used to connect to a remote PC via TCP/IP (Internet). The remote computer can be operated just like you would use your own desktop, using your mouse to access all the functions or optionally via telnet access.
The software is based on two components, the server and the viewer. In order to connect to the remote computer, the server must be running on it, - then all you need to do from the your location is to enter the IP address and the (optional) password and within seconds the screen will load and display the remote desktop.
The most important detail about Remote Administrator is the speed in which the images are displayed. It is almost like using your own machine, except for a refresh delay of a few seconds, depending on the Graphics that are loaded. They claim to be the fastest tool around, and you better believe it! I connected to a friend overseas via modem, installed some software for him, helped him setting up Outlook Express and some other things, all with a comfortable speed that you would not expect when using a visual remote software.
While you are working on the remote computer, your mouse movements can be easily followed by an observer, which is very helpful if you are using Remote Administrator to give Tech Support or Online Tutorials.
In addition to password protection, the server can be configured to limit access to a list of IP addresses and encrypt all the data that is being transmitted. The server can be run as a service, making it available at all times or manual, to be used only when needed. Even though the supplied documentation is fairly meager and needs some work (readme.txt only) Remote Administrator is easy to use and does not require any special knowledge or technical background. All it amounts to is entering the IP address of the other machine and the remote desktop is "all yours". The prize for the package is a mere $25 which will buy you a lifetime license for two computers. 

The Softwareview Radmin description

Radmin is a very fast networking remote access system. Radmin is a program which enables you to work on a remote PC at real-time speeds. Only mouse and keyboard signals are sent. Cool features in Radmin include video hook driver technology, optional encryption (DES-56bit) of all data streams, and IP filtering.

Softseek description

Remote Administrator is a remote access application which enables you to work on a remote computer with real-time speed. The remote computer's screen is displayed within a window on your computer. You can then use your mouse and keyboard to work on the remote computer.  Remote Administrator consists of two modules: the server which generates the display, and the client (viewer) which draws the display on your screen.  In addition, the server part of the program includes several command line switches intended for system administrators.

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