Engagent Remote Administration can provide Information Systems management with a way to provide secure remote access to corporate computing resources with no downside in terms of extra management, loss of security or loss of performance.

Why is Engagent Remote Administration completely secure?

  • Engagent Remote Administration 2.1 supports Windows NT/2000 user level security. You can limit remote control to specific users or user groups.
  • If Windows NT security support is switched off, access to a remote computer is restricted by password. Engagent Remote Administration uses a challenge-response password authentication method (MD5 and Twofish). This method is similar to the authentication method used in Windows NT, but with extremely powerful security keys.
  • Engagent Remote Administration works in encrypted mode, where all data, including screen images, mouse movements and keystrokes are hidden using 128 bit Twofish encryption. Twofish crypto is distinguished by its combination of speed, flexibility and conservative design.
  • Engagent Remote Administration records all its actions and events to a log file.
  • Engagent Remote Administration has an IP filter table so you can restrict remote access to specific IP addresses and networks.
  • Engagent Remote Administration self tests its code to protect it from being corrupted or maliciously altered.
  • Engagent Remote Administration generates unique private keys for each connection using a large random bit sequence that achieves unsurpassed protection. The access password resides in encrypted form and is never transmitted between computers in any form, preventing hackers from intercepting or generating the keys.

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