Who Changed What in Windows Active Directory

Effectively monitoring, logging, and reporting changes in Active Directory can significantly reduce the risk of an IT security breach.

Engagent Director enables easy Active Directory auditing by capturing the following information in a clear, concise interface:

  • What the change was, including pre and post-change values
  • When the change was made
  • Where the change was made
  • Who made the change

Unauthorized changes in Active Directory user objects and group objects impact rights to applications, software distribution, file systems, and print servers, thus significantly reducing user productivity. By tracking changes to user access rights and modifications to SID, you can gain a significant edge on IT security and an understanding of potential vulnerabilities. Monitoring, alerting, and reporting activity and unauthorized changes in Active Directory is the cornerstone of the government regulations for IT security.

Director at a glance:

  1. Monitor Active Directory changes including configuration, user and group attribute changes
  2. Details of each change, including: Who, What, Where, When
  3. Delivers each change's previous and new value
  4. Many reporting options
  5. Built-in alerts and email notification

Configuration Changes-

GPO, schema, forest, site domain, domain controller, DNS and all other Directory integrated services, Organizational Units (OU) changes (security and object containment)

User Attribute Changes-

  1. User created/added/deleted/changed
  2. User moved (within organizational units)
  3. User renamed, permissions changed, security changed, password changed, account locked/disabled/enabled, expiration date changed

Group Attribute Changes-

  1. Group created/added/deleted/undeleted
  2. Group members added/removed
  3. Group renamed, permissions changed, security changed

Computer Changes-

Computer created/added/removed from/to domain


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