"Lan Licenser is Easy Software Usage Auditing and Management"

Lan Licenser is a Windows desktop Software Usage Monitoring, Management, and Auditing tool. Lan Licenser's client is compatible with Windows 95, 98, NT 4, 2000, and XP. Lan Licenser starts at $25.00 per workstation in low quantities. Lan Licenser's benefits Include:


Lan Licenser is a Software Usage Metering Solution for Software Auditing / License Compliance

Saving Money
Easy Management
License Compliance
Software Usage Auditing
Software Usage Control
Improved Help Desk Support

"Save Money NOW with Lan Licenser"

Lower Enterprise Software TCO by Determining Software Management and Maintenance (Upgrade) Needs

Most companies over-purchase software then exacerbate the problem by renewing maintenance and upgrade contracts on unused software.  If a program is not being used, it is a waste of money to maintain and support it.

Increase Budget Space Through Software Usage Metering

Quite often, end-user usage patterns can expose the need for different kinds of software or eliminate the "need" for some software.  New software purchasing decisions can be made with real statistical proof of the number of licenses necessary.

Cost Center Reports Include: Detailed Product Use (Grouped By Cost Center, Product)
Detailed Product Use (Grouped By Cost Center, User)
Product Denials (Grouped By Cost Center)
Top Ten Computers In A Selected Cost Center
Top Ten Cost Centers For A Selected Computer
Top Ten Cost Centers For A Selected Product
Top Ten Products In A Selected Cost Center
Top Ten Users In A Selected Cost Center
Total Use of Product (Grouped By Cost Center, Product)
Total Use of Product (Grouped By Cost Center, User)
Recover Software License and Software Usage Costs by Cost Center

Lan Licenser has extensive reporting functionality to allow cost center (departmental) chargebacks. Defining cost centers allows you to discover the source of your organization's IT expenses. Further, you will have documented evidence of costs for negotiating future budgets. You can also turn the IT department into a revenue generating service division of your company.


"Easy Software Management With Lan Licenser"

"Centralized Enterprise Software Asset Management Frees You to Work on Other Tasks"

Lan Licenser is the Software Usage Management Portion of Software Asset Management

Software Usage Metering Integration With Tivoli

Software Usage Metering Integration With Peregrin Systems

Software Usage Metering Integration With HP OpenView

Software Asset Management can be broken down into two distinct parts: Inventory Management and Usage Management. Lan Licenser is the Usage Management portion of Software Asset Management. Lan Licenser allows you to answer "How much is an application used by whom?"

Lan Licenser is integrated with industry standard Asset Repository (Inventory Management) tools from Hewlett-Packard, Tivoli and Peregrine Systems. This integration allows automatic importing of software configuration into Lan Licenser and allows Lan Licenser to export usage information back to the Asset Repository tools to show usage of installed software. Lan Licenser also supports other Software Asset Management industry standards such as the Microsoft License Information File (LIF). Integration with existing software adds value to previous purchases.

Highly Scalable Software Metering Architecture
Audit Software Usage with Metering

A fault tolerant, multi-tiered structure allows software usage information to escalate seamlessly through your organization without extensive management. Automatic license load balancing and cross-site license balancing are just a couple of features that emphasize Lan Licenser's maturity. Lan Licenser works wonders in organizations of any size by freeing system administrators and help desk personnel to concentrate on other tasks.

Manage Software Control Policies and Software Usage From One Computer

Software limitations trickle-down to end-user machines automatically. One benefit of this is that program execution can be prevented and end-users can be notified about software outages. This simultaneously frees administrators to solve problems and communicates the current network status to all affected users. The computer outage support snowball effect completely disappears! All settings can be managed from a single computer.

Audit Software Usage Enterprise-Wide
Audit Software License Compliance with Lan Licenser

All usage information is stored in a centralized audit database. Reports are run against that database to provide a complete view of usage habits, current status of your network, etc. You might be surprised to learn that some solutions (such as Microsoft's SMS) do not store information heirarchicly, making it very difficult to get fast, consolidated software usage reports!


"Guarantee Legal Compliance With Lan Licenser"

"Audit Software Usage to Control Software License Compliance"

Your company is responsible to audit for legal use of software, regardless who installed the software or how it got there.

Auditing Reports Include:
Detailed Product Use (Grouped By Product)
Detailed Product Use (Grouped By User)
Licensed Products
Product License Distribution
Products Used By A Selected Computer
Security Restrictions (Access Times Available to Each Product)
Security Restrictions (Computer Access Levels For Each Product)
Security Restrictions (User and Group Access Levels For Each Product)
Session Statistics Per Product
Single Site Summary
Software Metering Server Configuration
Total Use of Product (Grouped By Product)
Total Use of Product (Grouped By User)
Unlicensed Program Summary
Unlicensed Program Usage
Audit Software License Compliance

Lan Licenser is configurable to accommodate most types of software license agreements, including Microsoft's Select and Open licensing. "Suite" configuration simplifies auditing of software packages with multiple components. Reporting and Auditing complex license configurations is easy because Lan Licenser is so flexible!

Enforce Software Usage Policies by Implementing Software Metering and Software Control

Ensure that the software actually running on your network is the software you want running on your network. Lan Licenser's software control features guarantee software is run according to policy. Effective enforcement without direct confrontation prevents you from seeming to be "big brother".

Automate Software Auditing and Reporting
Audit Software Usage with Software Reports from Lan Licenser

Data collection (software usage audits) occurs automatically. All you have to do is run reports you wish to see using the built-in, wizard driven report writer. Hand internal or external auditors up-to-date reports showing software usage across your entire network.


"Improve Department Efficiency by Monitoring Software Usage with Lan Licenser"

"Audit Software Usage"

Software monitoring reports include:
Callback Priority
Checked Out Licenses
Client Installation Report
Client Installation Summary
Computers That Have Used Selected Products
Excluded Programs
Last Client Run Time Sorted By Age
Last Client Run Time Sorted By Computer
Multiple Site Summary
Product Denials
Product Denials Summary
Top Ten Computers For A Selected Product
Top Ten Computers For A Selected User
Top Ten Products For A Selected Computer
Top Ten Products For A Selected User
Top Ten Users For A Selected Computer
Top Ten Users For A Selected Product
Top Twenty Products
Users That Have Used A Selected Computer
Users That Have Used Selected Products
Use Active Software Metering to Detect Software Usage and Enforce real-time Software Control

Ensure concurrent use license limits are enforced. Know when unauthorized software is run on machines via built-in alerting capability. This allows you to react to software usage issues in real-time and implement changes immediately!

Passively Monitor Software Usage (Online and Offline) to track User Activity

Know where your employees are spending their computing time.  How much time per day is spent browsing the web or playing solitaire?  How much time is spent on real applications?  Which applications are being used?  For how long? This works similarly to Active Software Metering, except results are not returned in real-time. Passive monitoring allows you to manipulate software usage to achieve long-term goals, such as weaning users off older applications.

Extensive Software Usage Reporting via Crystal Reports allows you to Audit Software Management Effectiveness
Software Auditing and Metering is easy with Lan Licenser

There are over 40 wizard driven, unique reports which can be run with varying parameters for 100's of possible results (including graphs). Reports for management make it easier to see the effects of software purchases. Reports for auditors document legal compliance. Reports about end-users can be used to motivate or document problem areas.

Forecast Training Needs Based on Software Usage Audits

Compare software usage time to help desk support calls to determine whether a user needs further training to work efficiently.

Forecast Purchasing Needs Based on Software Usage Audits

Lan Licenser's built-in reports allow you to predict the best way to make software purchases based on user usage habits of existing licenses.


"Improve Network Performance and Increase Security with Lan Licenser"

"Control Software Usage"

Detect Software Execution to Enforce Software Control and Security

Lan License is your security safety net that allows you to identify and control new or existing applications. Prevent Virus outbreaks or simply enforce existing policies by limiting software execution to known programs.

Control Software Usage by Divisions/Groups/Workstations/Users/Times for Economical use of Software Assets
Software Control with Metering is Easy with Lan Licenser

Limit software usage to specific groups of people. Leverage smaller purchases across divisions by purchasing based on actual concurrent software usage.

Detect Software and Implement Software Control to Improve Network Performance

Eliminate peer-to-peer and other unwanted file sharing programs that consume enormous bandwidth.

Enforce Software Control Policy Using Redundant Agents to Audit User Activity

Lan Licenser cannot be turned off by an end-user, due to redundant agents. Agent tampering can also generate an alert so that you know who is trying to bypass your security safeguards.

Increase Productivity by Implementing Software Control or Software Monitoring to Understand User Activity

Limit Internet browsing time and prevent game execution to keep employees on-task.


"Improve Help Desk Efficiency with Lan Licenser"

Detect Software Launches to Send Messages to Clients
Detect User Activity to Control Software Usage

Indicate broken application, upgrade available, cessation of support on an older application, application conflict warnings, workstation incompatibility with a particular application, etc. Increasing communication between the IT department and end-users is always a Good Thing (tm)!

Compare Software Usage Data Against Support Records to Determine Software Training Needs based on User Activity Audits

Because Lan Licenser stores data in an industry standard database and it is integrated with industry standard Software Inventory tools, you can easily generate the kind of reports necessary to determine corporate training needs.

Disable/Enable Software Applications by Using Software Control to detect Software Launches

Once a problem has been found, applications can be disabled temporarily with an explanation about why they have been disabled so help desk personnel are not flooded with calls during an emergency (for example, Outlook can be temporarily disabled with an explanation that there has been a virus outbreak).



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