If you are a Software License Manager,

you need reports like this to know you're in license compliance:

How much can your organization save on software licensing?

Put your numbers in our software license savings calculator to find out!

Match purchased titles with deployed executables.


Only Engagent Software License Manager brings all the information together

from purchasing and third-party inventory systems (such as Microsoft SMS)

to let you know your enterprise is in compliance with your software licenses.

If you don't know you're in compliance, you're not. 


With Engagent Software License Manager, you have the tools you need to...

  • Save $$ on your IT assets

  • Avoid over-deploying or over-purchasing software licenses

  • Document software license compliance for any audit

  • Re-harvest unused licenses

  • Consolidate purchases to reduce total software costs

  • Create a license pool

  • Track the entire lifecycle of each software license

"The incentive for companies to know whether they are over- or under-licensed has never been stronger." - CFO.com,  March 17, 2003  

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Here's what our customers have to say,

"I LOVE this software. It's the best thing out there."

- Reggie Doster, Systems Administrator, 


"As a practicing BSA defense attorney, I use Engagent Software License Manager to value and track clients’ software assets. It is the only solution I have found that saves the vendor invoice and license agreement in the asset repository. These documents are critical in any software audit including those conducted by the BSA."

- Robert Scott, Scott & Scott, L.L.P., 



As recommended by the Software & Information Industry Association, (SIIA) and the Business Software Alliance, (BSA), Engagent Software License Manager allows you to track, “names, serial numbers, version numbers, number of copies or users permitted by the license, and the computers on which the copies are installed."

Click here for the BSA's recommendations on Software License Tracking Best Practices.


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