New Preconfigured Reports Available:

  1. Capacity Planning - Shows you the values of various important Windows Performance Counters over a user-specified period of time.
  2. IP Service Availability & Performance - Has various modes to show you the availability of your servers/workstations/routers and the response time to pings, etc.
  3. Agentless User Logon/Logoff Monitoring and Reporting - Shows User Logon and Logoff information monitored by a designated Sentry II Agent across multiple agent-less workstations.

Crystal Reports Available:

  1. User Account Changes- Displays all Active Directory account changes over a specified period of time.
  2. User Account Lockouts- Reporting on account lockouts over a specified period of time.
  3. Admin Logins – Displays administrator logins over a specified period of time.
  4. Login Failures- Displays all failed login attempts in a specified time frame.
  5. Login Failures by Username- Displays all login failures sorted by username.
  6. Login Summary- Detailed reporting on all logon events over a specified period of time.
  7. Network Login Failures- Displays all failed network login attempts in a specified time frame.
  8. Group Policy Changes- Detailed report on any group policy changes made to Active Directory components.
  9. Select Events by Event ID- Specific detailed security Events Report.
  10. Alert Percentage by Server- Report details the percentage of events by server generated within the event logs. 
  11. Event Watch Report- Report on EventLog Watches over a specified period of time.
  12. Event Watch Percentage by Server- Detailed report of the percentage of events being generated per server.
  13. Assigned Watches by Server- Comprehensive report of Alert Watches assigned to Servers.
  14. Assigned Watches by Watch- Relates Alert Watches and to which servers they are assigned.
  15. Hardware Configuration- Displays detailed hardware configuration information of servers.
  16. All Monitored Performance Counters- Detailed report of monitored performance counters of servers.
  17. Selected Performance Counters- Customizable Windows Performance counter report.
  18. Server Status Report- Displays Server Health Statistics average regarding performance.



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