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  Engagent Software License Manager 4.94 Comprehensive overview of the software license inventory: where purchased, when, how much, etc. Satisfies BSA audit requirements.
  Sentry II 9.0.26 Comprehensive automated security tool:  monitors event logs, services, processes, ports, counters, and network devices. 
  Director 3.2 Who changed what in Active Directory?
  File Audit User-friendly interface allows you to immediately identify the type of access (reading, modification, deletion, ), the user attempting access, the date, the time and the workstation.
  Lan Licenser  4.0 Measure software usage and enforce concurrent license agreement.
  Remote Administration 3.3 Enables you to work on one or more remote computers from your own.
  Disaster Recovery 9.2.1 Increases server availability with Bare Metal Disaster Recovery technique.
  UserLock  5.5 Control and report logon activity when, where and concurrent 


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